Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Ten Weekend/Ce Week End

Jadę na plaże. Lubię bardzo jechać na plaże i jadę do Noosy, i myślę że Noosa jest najlepsza plaża w Australii. Będę mieszkać w mieszkaniu mojej matka, więc ja wiem dobrze gdzie muszę jechać bo byłem tamte duży razy. Jadę na plaże z K'ą, z I'ą, z R'ą, i może z N'em i z K'em, ale nie wiem teraz jeśli K i N jadą też z nas. R musi mi mówić.

Je vais à la plage. J'aime bien aller à la plage et je vais à Noosa, qui est ma plage préférée en Australie. Je resterai dans l'appartement de ma mère, donc je sais bien où je dois aller parce que j'y suis allé plusiers fois. J'y vais avec K, I, R et peut-être avec N et K, mais maintenant je ne sais pas si N et K y vont avec nous. R doit me dire.

Friday, November 20, 2009

X-wing en tickets de métro

This is a great use for some used Parisian metro tickets. I assume it'd work for others too, as I'm pretty sure the Strasbourg tickets were the same dimensions. I used a Navigo, but I had enough visitors who used many many single tickets that I could have had an entire squadron!

Thursday, November 19, 2009


Visitor number 10,000 was a random googler, I think. This person found my blog through a google search for "french dance craze 2009", which led to my post "The Latest Dance Craze in France". The visit was also done on an apple mac, so I feel a little dirty* about that. The visitor in question is in Australia, and the ISP routed through Sydney, with Telstra, but with Telstra, the location mentioned isn't always the location of the person (actually, it seems to be rather rare that the two locations match).
Oh well, I've had my 10,000th visitor, but it wasn't someone I know. Szkoda.
Better luck next time an arbitrary milestone comes up.

*not in a good way


I went DVD browsing today because I was recently given some gift vouchers to celebrate an integer number of times that the earth has passed around the sun since the day I was born. I spent most of my time looking in the foreign films section of a well-known electronics, music and DVD store. I'd like to purchase some DVD's to add to my collection, but I'm not sure what I should get. I saw The Lemon Tree for just under $30, which is a film that I really enjoyed when I saw it at the cinema, and while it's definitely a film that I'd like to own, I'm not sure if it's one that I'd watch over and over again, which kind of defeats the purpose of owning it, other than just having it in my collection. It's one that I'd recommend and lend to friends though, because I think other people would like it. As for an English language film, I've often considered buying Little Miss Sunshine, though I know other people who own this film already, so I could feasibly borrow it whenever the mood to watch it struck. Other films that I'd like to buy, but which weren't in stock at the particular store where I was browsing include La Double Vie de Veronique (directed by Krzysztof Kieślowski, who also directed Les Trois Couleurs), The Lives of Others, and Goodbye Lenin*. Are there any other good films out there that I should buy but that I've forgotten about? I'm sure I've seen some movies in the past few years that I've wanted to buy, but that I've forgotten about now. Suggestions welcome.

*For some reason, I thought I already owned this one, but it's not in my collection.


I like this song (Horchata by Vampire Weekend):

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A recent milestone

Another arbitrary milestone number was reached recently - this blog's 10,000th visitor. I don't know yet who it was, and I can't be bothered looking it up at the moment because I'm tired, but I'll work it out soon. Hopefully it wasn't just a random google searcher.

Chciałem pisąć po polsku

Pracuję ten tydzień. Kiedy to był 11 godzina, w poniedziałku, moje uczeniów czytali coś, ale wiedziałem że oni nie lubili czytać, bo to jest trudny, ale też myślę że to jest ważny. Tak nudził mi się, bo nic nie mogę robić kiedy oni czytą, więc ja czytałem też, ale po polsku. Chciałem jeżeli pamiętałem ten język.
Nie mam egzaminy lub lekcji w uniwersitecie bo zdałem swoje ostatni egzamin na 14-go listopada, i nie będę mieć lekcji do lutego lub marca. Lubię bardzo być na wakacji. Bardzo lubię.
Chciałbym jechać gdzieś na wakacji ale nie wiem gdzie, i nie wiem kiedy. Może w lutym? Albo gdzie?
Teraz jestem śpiący bo myślę że będę iść spać. Mam nadzieje że swoja wakacja nie jest tylko w Brisbanie. Oczywiście, będę jechać na plażę bo teraz nikt nie mieszka w mieszkaniu mojej matki, ale też chcę jechać gdzieś. Może do Sydneja lub Melbournia. Byłem w Melbourniu ten rok, ale mam kolegi tamte. Też mam kolegi w Sydnejach i ostatni raz że byłem tamt, był w 1997 roku. To jest trudna pytania. Nie wiem.
Idę spać.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Another return

I had another episode of digestive pyrotechnics last night. I felt a bit bloated and thought it was just a gassy thing, so I forced myself to burp. Instead of a pressure-releasing belch of gas, my mouth was filled with the half-digested remains of dinner. I proceeded immediately to the toilet where I thoroughly emptied the contents of my stomach as an offering to the porcelain god. Interestingly, the potato casserole/bake thingo tasted pretty good on the way up, unlike my souvlaki from the other day. The only thing that concerned me was the complete lack of carrot bits in the expelled mass. I realise that there was no carrot involved in the meal, but one still expect bits of carrot to appear in any and all samples of spew. I wonder if it's a sign of the apocalypse.
Apocalypse or not, I felt much better afterwards.

Friday, November 06, 2009

2nd time round isn't as good

I bought a souvlaki on Wednesday at uni, from the souvlaki shop in the newly-renovated main refec. It looks pretty spiffy actually (the new refec, not just the souvlaki shop). The souvlaki I chose was lamb and haloumi, which sounded like a nice combination, and which was a tasty combination. I enjoyed eating it. Later that afternoon, after I'd well and truly finished lunch, my body, and in particular my stomach, felt a bit off, so I made my way to the room with the plumbing facilities and proceeded to encounter the souvlaki again, which had decided to do a u-turn in my stomach and leap out again through my mouth. I'm not sure if the food itself was to blame, or if I was sick due to other factors (two of the people I live with had similar experiences just a few days prior, with completely different food), but I now feel a bit adverse to purchasing lunch again from the souvlaki shop.
For those wondering, the souvlaki looked significantly different on the way up to how it looked on the way down, but I was sure it was the same souvlaki because I hadn't eaten anything else in the meantime. It didn't taste as good the second time around either, so I doubt the accuracy of a description of bulemia I read recently; Bulemia: Twice the taste, none of the calories.
I don't think it's quite 'twice' the taste. In fact, I'd go as far as to say that the second time round, the taste is actually rather unpleasant regardless of what the taste was like on the first pass.


I wish Australia would realise that chocolate is a viable breakfast food. I really miss, and have a craving for a bowl tonight, special K with dark chocolate flakes. We have a crappy version here, which is special K with chocolate-coated flakes, but it's not the same thing and it doesn't taste near as good. It seems to me that it would be easier for the company to produce the version with chocolate flakes than that with the chocolate-coated flakes too. Everyone's a winner. But alas, no, chocolate makes things look unhealthy here (even though there are health benefits of a small amount of dark chocolate) so people screw up their noses.

Thursday, November 05, 2009

A change from my usual style

I usually rant about public transport here because it's usually crap. Because of this, I thought I'd mention one aspect of Brisbane's public transport system that I like; the busway and green bridge*. Thanks to this combination, and the frequency of the 139 and 169 buses, if I drive or get driven to the nearest busway station, I can be at uni within 20mins of leaving home.
Then I get to walk past the pond and look at the ducks and turtles and other creatures.

*Not its real name

Black and WTF

This website was sent to me recently, and it's definitely worth a browse every now and then. Enjoy.