Thursday, June 02, 2011

Je suis toujours étudiant...

I'm at uni again, working on an assignment, which isn't too surprising considering that it's the second last day of the semester's teaching period, and it's relatively common to have assignments due on the last day. The current assignment involves a lot of research and writing, and I'm not exactly sure of what else to write. I'm fairly certain that I need to add a few more things, but the problem is that the sections in which I could add more easily are already at, or near, their individual word limits. I don't think the word limit is all that strict though, so I could probably go over without any repercussions.

I teraz, chciałbym pisać coś w języku polskim. Nie wiem dlaczego. Może bo mogę. Ale, nie mogę pisać dużo bo nie znam dużo słowy, szkoda. Też, nie pamiętam dużo słowy polski że wiedziałem kiedy mówiłem częściej po polsku (kiedy mieszkałem w polsce, na pewno, i musiałem mówić po polsku wszystki dzien).

Ok, I'd better get back to writing this assignment, as it's not going to complete itself, unfortunately, and I don't want to go home today until it's all done, as I won't have a lot of time tomorrow to work on it between lectures and tutoring. Also, I need to restart my computer in order for updates to take effect.