Saturday, September 30, 2006

Jem Obiad.

Jem chleb z pasztetem. Lubiłem zjeść chleb z pasztetem kiedy byłem w Polsce na śniadanie. Szukałem pasztet w sklepie i sklep ma pasztet z Chorwacji. Mój jest pasztet z krową, i pasztet jest Chorwacji ale krowy są z Australii. Dziwny ale smaczny. Wiem że Agatka lubi pasztet też, ale nie wiem czy ona wie że Woolworths ma pasztet chorwacki.

Jutro, jadę do Gold Coast. Będę zjeść obiadek z Sylwią - pierogi :-)
Potem, jedziemy na lodowisku, i potem będziemy na kawę gdzieś.

Friday, September 29, 2006

Earphones update

I found my earphones, thank you for being concerned. However I have now encountered a different problem; my mp3 player doesn't work. It worked for a short time before switching itself off automatically, possibly as a battery saving measure, though infuriating when I was listening to it. The time that the player remained "on" decreased each time it switched itself off - for example, today it worked for about 30mins before going off, then I switched it back on and it worked for about 10, and then after switching on yet again lasted only 3 or 4 minutes (almost 1 song). This has led me to the conclusion that I need to buy a new player.

Any ideas where I can buy a new, good, cheap mp3 player?
Ideally I'd like one with a rechargeable battery - the one mentioned above really chews through them when it decides to work. I'd like an Ipod, though I have no idea of their cost at this stage, maybe an Ipod mini would suffice. I want one with a display as my first ever mp3 player didn't have one and it was annoying to use because it was impossible to tell which file you were playing without listening to the first few seconds, which is annoying if you want to listen to a particular track.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006


I purchased an mp3 player while I was in Europe. It worked well over there up until my departure; it stopped working while I was in CDG airport waiting for my flight back to Australia. I have recently managed to convince the player that there's naught wrong with it and that it can happily play mp3's once again, but I have managed to misplace my earphones. So, my new question to all of you is: If you were my earphones, where would you be?

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Pronunciation question

I was talking with a couple of the other teachers today and the word 'lozenges' came up because the teacher from Canadia had never heard it before. Apparently in Canadia they call them 'throat candies' for some stupid reason. Anyway, the other Australian teacher asked me how I pronounced the singular of the plural word 'lozenges', so I said 'lozenge', which is correct (I know I'm correct because I always am). She agreed with my pronunciation but said that she has heard native speakers pronounce it as something like 'lozenger'. (The difference being an extra syllable - allocating three syllables to the singular instead of two because the plural has got three syllables.)
So, my question is, have you ever heard someone say 'lozenger' as the singular form of the word? It's not something that I remember ever hearing.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Jem Owsianka

Yes, that's right, jem owsianka. It's tasty because of my belief that a good bowl should contain equal parts owsianka and złoty syrop*.

In other news, my dog is attempting to stage a coup in this house to gain control over said bowl of owsianka. She doesn't have the support of the military so I suspect her coup will not be as successful as the recent one in Thailand.

On Friday night I attended Rowan and Klaus' 'Post Painting Piss-up Party', which involved dinner, alcohol and lots of music, as well as some music videos, including many 80's hits and a few ABBA tunes. It was fun. Boy George made a cameo appearance (in person) but didn't stay long because of his chauffer's** timetable. This evening served to add further support to my theory that everyone likes ABBA.

Last night I had dinner with Angie (briefly) and Michael. Michael and I then watched Eric the Viking, which I hadn't seen in such a long time that I'd forgotten it almost completely. It's still amusing and still weird. There was a program on late last night called "When Sex Goes Wrong" and so due to the title, we were forced to watch it. It was funny, scary and had a few painful-due-to-empathy moments. I was surprised that so many people were willing to discuss their embarrassing moments/problems on a televised show when they often mentioned that they would never tell their friends and would be terribly embarrassed if their friends ever found out.

I went shopping today to purchase a birthday present for my brother (because of his impending birthday). I was unable to find anything suitable so I was forced to purchase a book and a dvd so that I didn't return home empty-handed.

* It's nothing terribly exotic, "jem" = "I'm eating", "owsianka" = "porridge" and "złoty syrop" = "golden syrup". Well, unless you're of the opinion that "Scottish" is exotic.
** train

Friday, September 15, 2006

Absence of Emails and Pancakes.

I had a rather large amount of time between chances to check my email accounts recently. Specifically, from about 10pm on Wednesday night to 7am on Friday morning. This morning (being Friday), when I checked my email, I expected to download a substantial number of new messages. I was wrong. In that eon, just one person saw fit to throw some electrons in the form of an electronical mail message in my direction (incidentally, it was Clair). Where is everyone else? What happened to all of you?

In other news, my class made pancakes today. The reference to pancakes in the title of this post doesn't refer to a lack of them, but more an abundance (the lack refers solely to the emails). Every fourth Friday at school we have a graduation ceremony for all the students finishing in that particular week (though there are students finishing in every week). For this event, one class provides some food for the rest of the student body, usually a barbeque, but this week it was provided by my class, pre-intermediate 2. It was decided that this week, instead of a regular bbq, which gets a bit repetitive, we should put on a devonshire tea. Unlike most devonshire teas, we did it without the tea and scones, but with pancakes/pikelets. So it wasn't really a devonshire tea at all. We made regular and chocolate pancakes, with jam, whipped cream, syrup and caramel sauce as optional extras. The pancakes turned out really well, cooked on a barbeque due to the absence of other substantial cooking facilities at the school (we have a frying pan, barbeque and microwaves). The pancakes were all consumed, but there was quite a large amount of whipped cream left over, which I have brought home (about 2L), so I might have to eat a bowl or two of whipped cream for breakfast.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

A post

Lizard reminded me that I have been somewhat lax in posting of late, so here's a post. Just to make Lizard happy.

Well, I went to Dreamworld yesterday with Aggie. It was fantastic. I'd go more often if not for the horrible entry fee (though we did come to the conclusion that it's still better value than the Ekka). The Giant Drop, The Claw and the Wipeout were all great rides. The Log ride was good, as usual, though it left Aggie and I a little wetter than just "splashed". We were drenched. Luckily we had a change of clothes (due to a tentative plan to swim there). The rollercoaster was a bit anticlimatic. In fact, the most enjoyable part of the rollercoaster was before we rode, when we were treated to the sight of Dreamworld's 'vomit cleanup' department. A girl on the run before us had apparently decided that it would be a good time to unload the contents of her stomach, so we had to wait for the vomit to be removed from the ride before going through loops and things.

Last night, I went with Aggie and Sylwia to Gregor and Sabine's going away/farewell party. They are going to embark on a three-week trek of outback Australia (including Uluru) before returning to Brisbane for approximately 10 days and then returning to Germany. I hadn't seen either of them for a few months, so it was nice to catch up with them, but sad that they will leave soon. They've been in Brisbane for so long now that it's like they're part of the furniture.

Well, aside from that, I can't remember anything else of note that I have done lately, at least nothing worth blogging about.