Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Should I be driving automatic cars?

I've long been a fan of manual cars. I understand that automatics are easier to drive, especially in heavy traffic, but overall, I'd prefer to have a manual. Part of the reason for this is that I've had experience with horrible automatic gearboxes in the past that changed gears at stupid times, such as when going up hills, and part of the reason is that I like driving and I enjoy driving manuals. A friend, who has only got an automatic licence, recently pointed out that this doesn't really fit with my project and my studies. After all, my project has been all about automation. Is it strange for me to pursue a career path in automation, yet dislike automatics?

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Polar 2

Here's the result for those of you who don't have access to Matlab.

Polar Bear

This is cool (found here):

function polarbear
% plots a polar bear in Matlab

function ec(h,k,a,b,ang)
% (h,k) is the center of the ellipse or circle
plot(h+xp,k+yp,'LineWidth',3,'Color','blue');hold on

% First plot curves that use theta between 0 and 2pi
ec(5,0,2,2,ang),ec(-5,0,2,2,ang) % plot the feet
ec(2,0,1,1,ang),ec(-2,0,1,1,ang) % plot the hands
ec(0,9,4,3,ang) % plot the head
ec(1,10,0.25,0.25,ang),ec(-1,10,0.25,0.25,ang) % plot the eyes
ec(0,8,1,0.5,ang) % plot the nose

% Plot remaining curves for specific theta
ang=0:0.01:pi/2+3*pi/180; ec(5,0,2,5,ang) % plot the right legs
ang=pi/2-3*pi/180:0.01:pi; ec(-5,0,2,5,ang) % plot the left legs
ang1=pi:0.01:240*pi/180; ang2=-60*pi/180:0.01:0; ec(0,4,3,3.60,ang1),ec(0,4,3,3.60,ang2) % plot the arms
ang1=-24*pi/180:0.01:45*pi/180; ang2=pi-45*pi/180:0.01:pi+24*pi/180; ang3=254*pi/180:0.01:286*pi/180; ec(0,4,5,5,ang1),ec(0,4,5,5,ang2),ec(0,4,5,5,ang3) % plot the body
ang=0:0.01:155*pi/180; ec(2,11,1,2,ang) % plot the right inside ear
ang=26*pi/180:0.01:pi; ec(-2,11,1,2,ang) % plot the left inside ear
ang=-5*pi/180:0.01:156*pi/180; ec(2,11,1.25,2.25,ang) % plot the right outside ear
ang=25*pi/180:0.01:185*pi/180; ec(-2,11,1.25,2.25,ang) % plot the left outside ear
ang=pi/4:0.01:pi/2; ec(1,10,1,1,ang) % plot the right eyebrow
ang=pi/2:0.01:135*pi/180; ec(-1,10,1,1,ang) % plot the left eyebrow
ang=119*pi/180:0.01:2*pi+61*pi/180; ec(0,7,2,1,ang) % plot the mouth
ang=200*pi/180:0.01:320*pi/180; ec(0.75,8,0.75,1.5,ang) % plot the right smile
ang=220*pi/180:0.01:340*pi/180; ec(-0.75,8,0.75,1.5,ang) % plot the left smile


I'm currently sat on a bus, on my way home, and I've just witnessed a woman fold over the corner of the page in the book she was reading. I wanted to tell her to refrain from such ghastly book defacing, but I restrained myself, and instead I'm just ranting on my blog. Books deserve better treatment.