Friday, February 17, 2012

Busy week

A lot of things have happened this week. I've got a job, which starts in ten days. The job is a position in the company's graduate recruitment programme. The location of this job is such that public transport isn't realistically an option, so I've had to purchase a car. I used the car broker recommended to me and already it looks as if I've got one. I was expecting the process to take a bit longer than 2 days. So, I looked at the suggested car yesterday, decided I liked it and that the price was good, and had it sent to racq for an inspection. I'm now waiting on the results of this inspection, which I'm expecting to receive today. If the car passed its inspection, then I should be able to take ownership of it next week.
On Wednesday I went for a pre-employment medical check, which I think went fine, but in the process of proving my identity for the check, I discovered that my licence had expired. I remember receiving a reminder letter, but then forgot all about it. So, yesterday morning, before the car inspection, I hastened to a licence renewal venue. Queensland has finally begun producing plastic credit card style licences, which are printed and then posted out. Currently, I have my old, expired, licence with a piece of paper stating that a valid one is on its way, and allowing me to drive in the meantime.
I'm also still working at uni.
All in all, quite a busy week.