Tuesday, December 28, 2010

At the airport

I'm now at the airport waiting to in through customs and then board etc.
In the queue waiting to order coffee, I realised that I'd left my serious coat at home, with my gloves and beanie in the pockets. Thankfully, the coat's now on its way. I just hope it gets here with plenty of time. I still need to visit the duty-free desk to get the money back on the tax I paid on my netbook.

Friday, December 24, 2010


Mogę pisać po polsku teraz z listami polskiego (i na nowym komputerze). Będę w polsce wkrótce i jestem bardzo szczęśliwy!
Hmm... I've just thrown that above sentence through google's translator to check the grammar etc and it's produced a rather interesting translation for the bit "będę w polsce". Have a go yourselves and see what you get for that. (Actually, it only seems to work if you put in the whole sentence above, not just that phrase. It does it correctly if you only put "Będę w polsce" into the translator".)

I would like to visit Greece one day, but I won't get time on this trip. I'll have to save it for a future holiday.

Je peux aussi écrire en français grace à la choix de clavier. Je pouvais, depuis longtemps, le faire sur mon autre ordi, mais je viens de changer la selection de clavier sur mon nouveau ordi. Et oui, je veux bien aller en Grèce un jour, mais je ne pourrai pas y aller cette fois.

Google chrome me demande si je veux que cette page est traduit en anglais parce que la texte est en français. Je sais que j'écris en français maintenant, mais parce que c'est moi qui l'ecrit, je pense que je peux le traduire moi-meme, mais merci chrome quand meme.

Je pars mardi! C'est bientot!

According to google translator, "Będę w polsce wkrótce" = "I'll be in Poland soon" (which is what I thought it meant, so we're in agreement there), but "Będę w polsce wkrótce i" = "I'll be in Greece soon and". What a difference the word "and" seems to make here. I thought it was just a simple conjunction, but apparently it has geographical power as well as the power to join to ideas into one sentence. Amazing.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


It's Wednesday today, which means the markets are on in the square in front of the casino. This means that macarons are able to be purchased. I worked today and therefore had ample opportunity to purchase there macarons but I forgot all about the markets until I saw them from the bus window on the way home. Drat.
I got over my annoyance quickly when I remembered that I'll be in Paris in a week's time, where macarons are readily available, and delicious.

Monday, December 20, 2010


I went to GOMA yesterday, as well as one of the exhibitions in the old art gallery next to GOMA. I thoroughly enjoyed wandering around the exhibitions and wish I had time over the next few days to go again. My favourite piece of art from my very first visit to GOMA was back - the infinity room. Last time I went there they had removed it for a special exhibit, which was good, but I missed the room.
One of the amazing temporary exhibits there yesterday was a room full of finches flying between perches suspended from piano wire which in turn was connected to an amplifier. I spent quite a long time in the finch room, and highly recommend the experience to everyone. The sounds from the perches combined with the finches' chirping needs to be heard rather than described.
In another room, the Jungle Book was playing, with each different character speaking a different language. The small kid spoke Spanish, the bear spoke Hebrew, the puma Arabic, and German, French and Greek were spoken by some of the elephants, etc. I liked it, and I found the concept interesting because each character spoke his/her own language but obviously understood what the others were all saying. My only criticism of this installation was that the volume was a bit low, which made it difficult to hear what they were saying, and so it wasn't initially obvious to hear that they were all speaking different languages.
I was amused by the video of a McDonald's store being flooded, and by the Chinese convenience store. The slippery slides were a bit of fun, but very bumpy.

Thursday, December 09, 2010

New netbook

I purchased a netbook yesterday, an ASUS EeePC. I went for Asus because they seem to have a good reputation for netbooks in the online forums I checked and I had a couple of recommendations from friends too.
I'm writing this on the new gadget now. I like its weight (or lack thereof), size and general portability, as I intend to port it around quite a lot. I plan to take it to uni with me next year, and also take it on a mini tour of Europe after Christmas.
Before my purchase yesterday, I had planned to partition the hard drive and set up a dual booting system with windows and ubuntu, but I don't think I can be bothered doing that now, and I might leave that for when I format my laptop (which is long long overdue).

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Prawn paste perhaps?

I went to a cafe at the weekend with some friends and we ordered a dip platter to share. These were tasty, and we were certain that the pink one contained roe and only roe, as far as animal matter was concerned. I should have asked the staff to confirm this, but didn't, and foolishly tried some of it. It was delicious, and I only ate a small amount, but there must have been some shellfish in the dip. I can point to the general discomfort and stomach cramps that I suffered on Saturday night and Sunday morning as experimental proof of this. I'm feeling back to normal now, but even yesterday, I felt as though I'd pulled a muscle in my lower abdomen. It seems like my reaction to shellfish is getting worse and worse; gone are the days when I could have tried just a little to test the taste and not feel too uncomfortable afterwards.

I wish I could swap this food intolerance for an intolerance to a food that I don't like to eat.

Thursday, December 02, 2010

Here it is

Here is the article that I heard people speaking about on the radio.


I heard on the radio this afternoon that the world's chocolate consumption is unsustainable, and because of this, it may become as expensive as caviar. I have two things to say about this:
1. Gah!
2. Other people need to stop eating chocolate!