Sunday, February 28, 2010

House of Wax

I watched house of wax last night. Not the recent version with Paris Hilton, but the original version, made some time ago, in the past. The storyline was significantly different, though there were parts in the newer version that were references to the original. The acting wasn't wonderful, and a few things were unrealistic, but I've seen it now.

Friday, February 26, 2010

I've just watched 'House of Wax'. It was a horror film, and I usually don't like horror films, but this one was worth it for the deaths. It definitely wasn't worth watching for the dialogue, which was utterly appalling. I can't say I'm surprised that it wasn't up for any oscars.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Jestem chory

I went to the doctor this morning with a flu. I knew it was probably just a common flu, but wanted the doc to check, just in case. He wrote me a script for antibiotics, in case it gets worse, while saying that they'd useless against what I've got. I felt a bit like he was prescribing me some placebos.
In the meantime, I hope it doesn't get any worse because my throat's a bit sore from coughing.

Monday, February 15, 2010


Visitor number 11,111 has been to my blog. There's a chance that this visitor was a regular, or at least semi-regular, reader because he or she came to my blog directly, rather than following a link from a google search, which suggests that this reader knew my blog's address.
S/He was an Australian, and the ISP is apparently based in NSW, but that doesn't really mean much because often people from Brisbane appear as though they're in Alice Springs, or Melbournians come through Adelaide, etc.
So, who was it?
Someone with and unknown domain name, WinXP, IE7, on the 10th of February at 9:50:05am. I'm not sure which timezone that's using, so you could add or subtract an hour depending on how it's using daylight savings if you think it could have been you.
Anyone feel like making a claim?

Je n'aime pas boire des chaussettes

J'ai bu le plus mauvais café du monde, il y a 2 jours. Je pensais que je devais boire au moins 50% du café parce que la vielle serveuse était très gentille et elle avait un grand sourire, donc je ne voulais pas la faire triste. Je pense que le problème était la marque du café, parce que je ne pense pas qu'on ait brulé le lait, le café avait assez chaud, donc je crois que ça n'était pas la faute de la serveuse.
Même après avoir ajouté 4 sachets de sucre, le goût me rappellait des chaussettes muettes.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Poll and Profile

The poll has closed and the results are in: 50% of the two votes received want the blackout screen removed and the other 50% like chocolate. 0% would like to see the blackout screen remain.

I've also updated my profile to reflect changes in my life that occurred almost 1 year ago. Yes, I've finally changed my location. I'm no longer in Paris.

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Visitor 11,000

It seems visitor number 11,000 was just another random who came to my blog via a google search for "witty comment"

Unfortunately not a regular reader. Oh well, better luck next time... there's always number 12,000 coming up!
Or even being number 11,111 would be cool, and that number's not too far off.

Blackout Screen

Technically, the blackout protest week has ended, so I should remove the protest screen from my blog, but I kind of like it. What do you think, my faithful readers?
Should it stay or should it go?

There's a poll on the right-hand side of my blog where you can vote!
It's like a democracy, except your vote might actually count this time!

Monday, February 01, 2010


I spent a week allergy-free at the coast, but now I've only been in Brisbane for 2 days and my allergies are going haywire. Maybe I'm actually just allergic to Brisbane and not allergic to Australia in general, as I previously thought. Anti-histamines are my friends again.