Wednesday, June 03, 2009

I'm still here

I haven't forgotten my blog, and I know it's been ages since I last posted anything, but my excuse is that I've been busy and not a lot of blogworthy things have happened.

Well, actually, some things have, so I'll write about them now:

I'm going to be spending almost a week in Melbourne after my exams are over. I'm excited about going, though I'll have to try to refrain from breathing given that Melbourne is Australia's swine flu capital at the moment.

We've (well, Mum, really) have acquired two new dogs. They're both beagles and were "rescued" through the beagle rescue association. They're sisters, from the same litter, so they know each other very well. They've settled in really well, especially considering they've been here just under a week, which is a good sign.

Aside from that, it's the last teaching week of semester, which means that I've got a couple of assignments due in this Friday, which I should be working on now instead of blogging, and then next week's swotvac, followed by 2 weeks of exams (though my exams are both in the first week of the examination period).