Thursday, April 23, 2009


My nose and sinuses have once again managed to surprised me tonight with the amount of fluid they're able to produce and release.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Pronunciation mistake

I was speaking in French today with a French lass from my course when I mentioned, in French, that I am a citizen of the European Union thanks to my Irish grandmother. However, I was a bit lazy with my pronunciation of the word "citizen" (citoyen) and so this lass thought that I'd said something else:

I wanted to say: "Je suis citoyen de l'Union Européenne".
But she heard: "Je suis citroën de l'Union Européenne".


More on the rant

I forgot to mention that the guy I spoke to at Optus had a problem pronouncing my name. At first he had it correct, until he asked me to spell it in order to verify the account, and from then on he pronounced my name as you'd pronounce the past participle of the verb "to see".
Feckin' eejit!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Ah Fiddlesticks!

Shit, it's just too stupid! I can't believe how they can be so stupid at Optus. Mum called them to change the credit card details, but they lost the new numbers. Twice. So, she called them for the third time on Friday, but today, they decided to disconnect us because they thought that we hadn't paid.
I knew that this was the problem, and I knew that it as at their end of the connection but all the same, the guy who I spoke to told me that I had to do a lot of things to verify that it wasn't my problem, and he wouldn't listen to me when I was trying to explain, so I did everything that he told me to and nothing worked. I was right, as always.
Finally, he decided to look at their end of the connection and he easily found that something stupid had been done over there.
After speaking for 34 minutes, my connection works again.
During all of this, I was wondering why the internet connection wasn't working, but the tv was working perfectly, and we pay for them together, as a package... so if we haven't paid for one, then we haven't paid for the other either... this is weird, isn't it?

(J'ai déjà écrit en français)

Zut alors!

Merde, c'est trop stupide! Je ne crois pas comment ils peuvent être si stupide chez optus. Ma mère les a appellé pour changer les détails de la carte de crédit, mais ils ont perdu les nouveaux numéros. Deux fois. Donc, elle les a appellé pour la troisième fois vendredi, mais aujourd'hui, ils ont dédidé de couper notre connexion parce qu'ils pensaient que nous n'avions pas payé.
Je savais que c'était le problème, et je savais que c'était à leur coté du connextion, mais quand même le mec avec qui j'ai parlé m'a dit que je devais faire beaucoup de choses pour verifier que ce n'était pas mon problème, et il ne m'écoutait pas quand j'essayais d'expliquer, donc je faisais tout ce qu'il m'a dit et rien ne marchait. J'avais raison, comme toujours.
Enfin, il a décidé de regarder son coté du connexion et il a trouvé facilement qu'on avait fait quelque chose stupide là.
Après avoir parlé pendant 34 minutes, la connexion marche à nouveau.
Pendant tout ça, je me demandais pourquoi la connexion d'internet ne marchait pas, mais le télé marchait parfaitment, et nous payons pour les deux dans un abonnement pour les deux.. donc si nous n'avons pas payé pour un, nous n'avons pas payé pour l'autre... c'est chelou, n'est-ce pas?

(I'll write an English translation of this rant soon)

Monday, April 13, 2009

Qu'est-ce que tu racontes?

Il pleut. Deszcz pada. It's raining.

In fact, the whole weekend's been fairly wet here, which seems to be the case for the Easter weekend in Brisbane, regardless of when the equinox says Easter should occur. It put a bit of a dampener on yesterday's New Farm Park picnic plans, but the indoor picnic was fun nonetheless.

Aside from this weekend, which is 4-days long, thanks to Friday and Monday being public holidays here, I've been pretty busy. Two very time-consuming assignments that were due on Thursday meant that the week/10 days prior to last Thursday were pretty well cosumed by uni work.

I've also been aware for some time that I really need to visit an optometrist so that I can get two pieces of glass held in place by a metal and/or plastic frame in order to be able to read stuff that's printed on the whiteboards at uni. It's really quite annoying not being able to see clearly anymore.

Now I have a week off uni to relax and work and study for the test I have during the first week back. Hmmm... some holiday...

Monday, April 06, 2009

Phone Update

I am once again using a Nokia E66. I took mine in to be repaired as it was under warranty, but Nokia were unable to repair it, or it wasn't cost-effective to repair, so they gave me a new replacement phone instead. I still have the original battery and back cover, which is normal in this situation. I'm glad to have a new phone - another difference I've found is that the new one's keypad is a little more responsive, which is good; my old one sometimes refused to acknowledge a "press and hold" on the 7 key, which is necessary if you want to write a 7 without changing the dictionary. This came up a bit consider my uni student number contains a 7 and I needed to use it each time I signed into the uni's wifi system with the phone.

So, I'm happy with my phone again because I have a working E66. I'd still like to install a dictionary for predictive text in French though.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Mon Portable

I finally got around to taking my mobile into the Nokia care centre so that they can repair it. It's under warranty, and they guy who I talked to seemed to be sure that the issue would be covered under warranty, so with any luck I'll have my phone back, and working as good as new, on Friday, or failing that, early next week.

I've backed up all the data and contact details, so I don't envisage losing anything on that front.