Thursday, June 29, 2006

My word I've been busy!

Well, I haven't posted for a while because I simply haven't found my round tuit yet.

Last weekend I went to Noosa/Sunrise Beach with Aggie and Sylwia. We spent Saturday shopping in Hastings St and Saturday night playing Monopoly, eating stuff and drinking other stuff. Aggie won. On Sunday we went 4wding on the Noosa North Shore, up past the Cherry Venture wreck and cut through to Rainbow Beach. I enjoyed the beach driving and now I long for a vehicle that would enable me to do it more often. I think the Terios would be fine for most of it, but I haven't given it a trial yet, as I'm a bit concerned about the lack of low-range and the tiny engine.
The following photos show the wreck of the Cherry Venture (it was a boat), a real 4WD (Aggie and Simon's) and Aggie & Sylwia, wearing their pretty hats, in front of the hot dog stand next to the Cherry Venture from where I'll never purchase a hot dog again. Mine was ick and Aggie's was still partially frozen.

The next photo shows the three of us standing behind the car, with Noosa's main beach in the background. We are all squinting into the extremely bright sun, which should explain our facial expressions.

Last night I went to La Kasbah with Kat, Nat, Amanda, Ro and Klaus for Kat's going-away dinner. The food was good, although I didn't really love my meal, but my dessert was fantastic. I had Crepes Algeriennes, which were semolina crepes served with ice-cream and cream, in a delicious sauce made of honey, caramel and extra sugar. The sauce was extremely sweet, and therefore delicious. My meal was a Pyramid of Goat, according to the receipt, but a Pyramid of Goats' Cheese and Smoked Salmon according to the menu. It sounds like it should have been great, but there were too many other things in there, all fighting for attention. I definitely want to go back there one day, as other meals looked really good too.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Dziękuję Poczta Polska

My 13kg package finally arrived on Monday morning! I had begun to believe that it would be lost forever, as it was 2 and a half months late, but better late than never as many old people say.

This is what it looked like before I removed the string and sticky tape to liberate its contents:

Note: I am responsible for the large amount of brown sticky tape, but the parcel somehow acquired the white string somewhere in its travels.

There were several things inside that I was relieved to finally have in my possession and a couple of other items that I'd forgotten about entirely, so even though I packaged it myself and posted it myself, to myself, it was still a surprise to wade through the countless items to see what was on the slab. One item I'm glad to have with me is my collection of European sugar sachets to go with my collection of Australian sugar sachets.

I'll post some pictures of the contents when I get a round tuit.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Airport! Dinner! Airport! Rocky!.... Airport! Dinner! Airport! Rocky!

I went to the airport before the crack of dawn yesterday. I know this because it was dark when we left home and so dawn had not yet cracked. The reason for this was so that Mum and Barry could catch their early flight to Sydney for the weekend. For those who don't know, Sydney is a largish town, about 1000km south of Brisbane. For all practical purposes, excluding politics, Sydney is essentially the capital city of Australia. (The capital of Australia would be 'A')
Kelvin (my more chronologically advanced brother) also flew to Sydney yesterday but was on a later flight. This meant I got to drive a second time to the domestic airport. Yay, much fun.

The fun part of the evening occurred later, when I went to Rowan and Klaus' apartment for dinner and a movie. The original plan was to eat dinner there, and then walk down the road to The Globe cinema to watch the screening of Rocky Horror with the live floorshow, however when the time came to depart their abode, we decided that we couldn't be bothered walking that far and instead watched the movie in their apartment. We'll try to attend the next screening with the live floorshow, but it's difficult when it's not scheduled to start until 11pm, which at The Globe means it probably won't start until at least 11:30pm, which is almost tomorrow. And who'd want to watch a movie tomorrow?

Saturday, June 10, 2006


I went to Stomp last night with various people including Mel, Eric, Shana, Chris, Andy and Sarah. The performance was really good though I was expecting it to be more dance-orientated. We were sitting quite a distance away from the stage, and I believe we may have even been in a different time zone, but that was because we opted to buy the cheapest tickets available, which were still a bit pricey at $35 each. Being that far away meant that it was difficult to see some things, such as some of the objects they were using as instruments, but I don't think we missed any of the audio aspects of the show. On the other hand, I wouldn't know if I had missed anything, as I didn't have a 'control performance' with which to compare last night's show.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Yahoo knows about my blog...

I checked my sitemeter to see who has been reading my blog and from where. It appears that someone in Poland came to my blog via a search for "puns po polsku" (Polish Puns). Someone in the region of Słupsk, so probably not anyone I know. I don't think I have any Polish puns on this site, but I do have puns, and I have Polish things here and there.


Knight Rider Hasselhoff

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Friday, June 02, 2006


I'm still waiting for the postperson to deliver my parcel from Poland. The one that I posted on the 28th of February or the 1st of March. The same parcel that I was told would take one month to arrive. I even briefly wondered if it would beat me back to Australia. It's now the 2nd of June. Three months is more than one month. I want my parcel! Where is it? Gdzie to jest?

Pink Flamingos

I went to see Pink Flamingos last night at The Globe. It is definitely the sort of movie that you should see once. It's billed as the most vile, filthiest film ever produced and I believe that to be true. I'm glad that I've now seen it, and I don't regret seeing it, but I don't think I'll rush back to watch it again anytime soon. I think the quote on The Globe's website typifies the film quite well: "We don't just dare you to see it... We dare you not to walk out!!!"

There were parts of the movie that were hilarious, other parts that were disgusting and parts that were boring. The acting was terrible, but that was expected. The term "arseholism" is something that I feel should enter my vocabulary.

The Globe smells like the 70's which was a nice touch for viewing a film from that decade, though I think it wasn't intentional.

One of the upcoming films is called 'Cat-women of the Moon' and the website's quote this time is: "You've never seen anything like it... and you'll never want to see anything like it again!"

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Zamek Pendżabski*

I went to Punjabi Palace last night for dinner with some people including Susan, Aggie and Simon. The food was great, as usual at this establishment. The butter chicken was particularly nice and I think it is fast becoming my favourite type of curry (a title previously held by something with a name that I have forgotten but which wasn't butter chicken).

*Strona "" mówiła że "Punjab" jest "Pendżab" po polsku. Czy strona ma racje?