Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Updated links

I've updated the links menu on the right-hand side of my blog. This was prompted by Aggie's decision to move to a new blog, and I had to update the link to reflect her move. I've added a link to my travelpost site, which is essentially a blog-like thing that tracks the cities and countries that I've visited. It looks like I'm concentrating my efforts in just two parts of the world, but that's mostly because I haven't been elsewhere, not that I don't want to go elsewhere. There will be a few jaffas in Asia by July (though it's anyone's guess as to when I'll get around to updating it). I don't write much in the text section because I keep this one as my main text blog. I use it just for the map.

Hot Fuzz

I saw Hot Fuzz at the cinema on Friday night. It was absolutely hilarious. Everyone should see it, and if you don't think it's funny you must be in a coma.

It's by the creator of Shaun of the Dead, which is also hilarious.

Go. See it.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Notebook Computer

Well, I bought a notebook computer today. I have heard bad things about old Dell laptops but that was due to the design of the hinges more than anything else, and I've heard some good things about them too. So, I've bought a Dell notebook computer. I think I got a good deal, and it will be delivered within the next two weeks. It's a notebook computer rather than a laptop because people apparently burnt their genitals with laptops, so the new names don't suggest that one can use them in one's lap while they're heating up from use.

Flight 3

I have just bought the third plane ticket. Now I have a ticket from Hong Kong to London. So, I am now able to get from Darwin to Singapore, Singapore to Macau, and Hong Kong to London. Great. Next step is to get to Darwin from Brisbane.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Flight 2

Also with Tiger Airways, I've got a flight from Singapore to Macau. This is my second flight for this journey.
Now I have to book the third flight with a different airline.

Flight 1

The first flight is booked with Tiger Airways, from Darwin to Singapore. Yes, I know I'm in Brisbane, so I'll have to find my way to Darwin at some point prior to this flight, but that's all part of my grand plan.


I am considering doing several things today, tomorrow or perhaps Tuesday that involve me giving large amounts of money to various companies.

Firstly, long haul flights. I'm probably going to be flying on a budget, long haul airline. Does anyone know of any reason why I should avoid certain budget airlines for long flights?
Specifically Tiger Air and Oasis.

Secondly, I want to buy a new laptop, which was the topic of a recent post. I don't want to buy a mac*, and I'm seriously thinking about a Dell. Dell currently have an offer on the model that I like of a free upgrade from 80GB to 120GB HDD. They also have an option to buy insurance from them that would negate the need for separate travel insurance, which lasts for 3 years, and is therefore a much better option than buying separate travel and/or other insurance for it. Are there any reasons to avoid Dell?

For both of these questions, if I go ahead with them and something goes awry, then I'll hold all readers of this blog responsible if I am not adequately warned in advance.

* I don't really know why I don't want to buy a mac. On one hand, they're the sort of computers that are bought by people who don't know how to use computers. On the other hand (you have different fingers), they also seem to be the computers that are bought by IT professionals.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Może być

Myślę że mam praca w anglii. Mówiłem z szefem anglijka i ona mówiła że będę mieć ta praca czy moj szef w australii pisze dobry 'reference'. Mój 'reference' jest bardzo dobry - czytałem go.

Piszę po polsku teraz bo nie wiem czy chcę że wszyscy wiedzą czy nie. Chciałbym lecić do anglii i kiedy będę tam, pisać że jestem w anglii.

Też, nie wiem czy mam racje - czy mówisz "do anglii" i "w anglii" czy nie?

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

The Dentist

I went to the dentist today. I dislike the sound and sensation of the tools used. It sets my teeth on edge, so to speak. I primarily went to the dentist in the hope that it would remedy the cause of my mouth ulcers, and also because it had been a good many years (at least 9) since my last visit to a dental practitioner. I have clean teeth, but no solution to my ulcer problem as apparently my teeth aren't the cause, or at least aren't the primary cause, which is frustrating as it means I still need to find the actual cause. I was also informed of the presence of a cavity. The cavity is in one of my wisdom teeth, which the dentist thinks should be removed. The good side of this is that I won't need to get the cavity filled, but the bad side is that I may have to have my wisdom teeth removed, a process which sounds extremely painful. Having a cavity filled also sounds like it could be potentially painful. Damn teeth.

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Notebook Computer

I want to buy a new notebook computer (the style of computer known as laptops before stupid people started burning their laps and private bits with them).
I have fairly basic requirements, which I'll list below, so if anyone has opinions for or against various brands or deals, please let me know, as I'm open to suggestions.

My requirements:
1. They usually supply windows as part of the deal, and I'd prefer windows xp as I neither need nor want vista.
2. Lightweight, as I need to carry it around and take it o/s.
3. SD card slot.
4. Wireless.
5. Built-in webcam would be nice, but not absolutely necessary.
6. Decent sized hard drive - at least 60GB, preferably 80GB or more.
7. Screen size - I don't want a huge screen as I want this to be portable and part of that includes size as well as weight, but on the other hand, I don't want to use something the size of a digital wristwatch display.
8. Sturdy - I'll definitely look after my notebook, but I'd like the reassurance of knowing that it would survive a knock or two.
9. DVD burner
10. At least 4USB ports (though I could survive with 2)

I think that's the list, or at least I can't think of anything else to add at the moment. I'll edit if things come to mind, or if people suggest useful and/or important extras.

I've noticed on a few websites that several notebooks no longer come with PCMCIA card slots; Are they necessary or are these slots becoming a bit obsolete?