Monday, April 26, 2010

A joke?

The music has stopped, temporarily, I suspect, and now I can hear someone talking to the crowd. I can't understand a word of it as my Hindi* isn't exactly fluent, something was definitely amusing, judging by the crowd's reaction and his own laughter. Now they're cheering. It could be exciting.

* I'm guessing the language, and while it sounds like Hindi, it could be something else. Punjabi perhaps?

Sounds like bollywood

I've been listening to Indian music all day. Not really by choice though, as there seems to be some sort of Indian festival on at the Mt Gravatt showgrounds. The music isn't bad, but I've been hearing it for quite a number of hours now and it's starting to sound rather repetitive and I'm really starting to get over it.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Bloody possum

I'm a little bit tired this morning because the dogs started barking and growling just after midnight last night while I was trying to sleep. They kept it up, on and off between instructions to shut up, for about half an hour. The cause of their barking was a possum that had decided to climb through the large tree in the front yard, directly outside the bedroom window. Eventually the possum scampered off along the power cables and order was restored allowing me to get back to sleep but I'm in dire need of coffee right now. Thankfully, there's a decent choice of locations on campus to find coffee.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Annoyingly early today.

My Thursday timetable is a bit annoying to begin with. I have one class at 10am and then nothing until 4pm. This is, in theory, a good chance to get assignments done, but Thursday also seems to be the busiest day for the computer rooms with all of them booked out for classes most of the day. Today has decided to be extra annoying. My tutor didn't turn up for the first class, effectively meaning that I arrived at uni at 9.30am for a 4pm class. Unfashionably early perhaps?

Friday, April 16, 2010

Exam's done

I've just walked out of the exam room and I'm confident that I've at least passed the test, and hopefully scored a few more points too. One strange point was that the note about the exam being 'open-book' actually meant that it wasn't open-book. It was just a typo in the email that the class was sent about the exam. As it turned out, I think having access to notes would have just bogged me down anyway.

Impending exam

I have an exam in about 45 mins. It's only worth 10% and while it might be difficult to do extremely well on it, I'm fairly confident that I'll at least pass the test. The subject has a requirement that you need to achieve a non-zero score on all assessment pieces in order to pass the subject. I doubt it'll be difficult to do that in this case as it's an open-book exam with 100 questions, 80 of which are true/false statements, so surely I'll get at least one of them correct. I had the first of our 3 practical tests for this subject, with each worth about 8% and I scored 100% for this prac test. It wasn't at all difficult.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Food in the library?

I remember back when there were signs all over the libraries at uni prohibiting all forms of food and drink in the library, and when the same libraries reluctantly agreed to allow bottled water only. Now, as I'm currently, right now, at this moment* studying in one of the uni's libraries, I can see a sign that says cold food and covered drinks are permitted, with examples and pictures to show you want you may consume in this building: sandwiches, sushi, cake, and covered drink all have big green ticks next to them while burger and chips, pizza, noodles, and open drink are given big red crosses. When did this happen? Is it only a matter of time before a cafe installs itself in here? I feel like purchasing some food just to experience the novelty of eating in a library.

Free Coffee

I'm just after getting a free coffee from Mr Beans because I had a sufficient number of stamps on my loyalty card. I like free coffees, and while the effect is probably only psychological, I think the free ones taste just a little better. The paid ones are still good, of course, otherwise I wouldn't endure them simply for the sake of an occasional freebie.

Friday, April 02, 2010


I have now seen Barbarella, a classic film from the 70's. It's definitely in the category of so-bad-it's-good. It was entertaining and I'm glad I've seen it. Everyone should watch it.