Monday, August 24, 2009

Pogoda jest dziwna i ciepła w Brisbane

I nie lubię ta pogoda. To jest sierpień, ale pogoda była 30 stopien dzisiaj! To jest zima Brisbanska! Będę pisać po angelsku bo nie wiem jak mówić wszystko po polsku.

Yes, as the title of this post says, the weather is weird and warm in Brisbane. I don't mind warm weather, and today would have been a very nice day, if it had've occurred in January. It is officially winter here, spring doesn't start until the 1st or 21st of September, depending on how you decide to measure it. It's winter - winter is cold, that's the definition of winter, but the temperature reached at least 30 degrees today, which is ridiculous. I hope it's just a temporary abnormality, and that it doesn't continue to get hotter and hotter from now until mid-January, because that would be incredibly painful and I'd try to leave and move somewhere for the summer. Today was the sort of weather that makes one want to go to the beach, but everyone knows that the beach is a summer place, or at least spring. Going to the beach because it's hot and it'd be nice to take a dip in winter is just a silly thing that Brits and Victorians do. I'm neither.

Et maintenant en français. Oui, comme je viens de dire, le temps fait bizarre et chaud à Brisbane. J'aime assez bien quand il fait chaud, et il aurait fait beau aujourd'hui, si on était en janvier. C'est officialement l'hiver ici, la printemps commence le premier ou le 21 septembre (ça depends). C'est l'hiver, et en hiver, il fait froid, c'est la definition d'hiver, mais il faisait 30 degrees aujourd'hui, et c'est ridicule. J'éspère que c'est temporaire, et qu'il ne continue pas à faire plus et plus chaud jusqu'à mi-janvier, parce que ça serait trop dur et j'essayerais de partir et demenager quelque part pour l'été. Aujourd'hui, le temps me faisait penser à aller à la plâge, mais tout le monde sait que la plâge est une place d'été, ou au moins de la printemps. Aller à la plâge parce qu'il fait chaud et parce que ça serait une bonne idée de faire de la natation, est une chose bizarre que les Rosbifs et les Victoriens font. Je ne suis ni l'un ni l'autre.

Thursday, August 20, 2009


Un ami m'a dit, dans un émail, qu'il va bientot venir me voir. Il est déjà allé en Australie il y a quelques ans, et il veux voir ses amis ici encore une fois. Je lui connais depuis la première fois que je lui ai rencontré, une évenement qui s'est passé quand j'étais en Europe.
Bon, il va voyager en Australie, bientot - dans le mois de septembre, et on est déjà août!
Donc, si c'est possible pour un ami, c'est possible pour beaucoup d'amis. Vous, les gens qui habitent en France, je vous exige! Venez en Australie!
Quelqu'un veux venir me voir en janvier ou fevrier 2010?

Essence sans plomb

I bought petrol yesterday because the petrol gauge in the car suggested that the car was going to be very hungry if I didn't. I noticed that petrol is a lot more expensive when I pay for it out of my own bank account rather than when I use someone else's credit card. I prefer it when someone else pays for my petrol*. Thankfully it's a small car with a small engine, so its fuel consumption is relatively low.

* This is usually the case because I just occasionally borrow a car rather than have sole use of one, but I have sole use of one at the moment because the usual driver has temporarily acquired another vehicle, but the downside of having permanent vehicular use is that I have to pay for it.

Monday, August 17, 2009

C'est la fin d'hiver

Winter's coming to a close here. There are many signs that point to this; the Ekka's over, it's warm enough at uni to wear tshirts (though it gets a bit chilly in the evenings and early mornings), I don't feel the need to turn my room heater on when I get dressed in the morning, and it's still light when I give the dogs their chicken wings for dinner (which happens at about 5:30pm, and it used to be dark then).

On an unrelated note, my sandshoes contain sand. I think this should be attributed to the fact that I wore them at the beach last Wednesday and not because they have the word "sand" in their name, though I guess the latter is a possible reason - one data point is not enough to claim a general trend or causal relationship either way.

Thursday, August 13, 2009


I think it's time I firmly closed my mouth on the hard metal projectile. I need to get glasses. There I said it. Well, wrote it. The problem now is getting a round tuit. The decision to get glasses requried several steps in order for it to become a reality; steps like going to an optometrist to see how bad my eyes are. It'll possibly happen before 2010.
The downside of getting glasses is that I run the risk of looking like a nerd. Maybe I could think about contacts instead.

Key saga

I am currently with car (avec voiture) because my brother is on a job where his company provides him with a car (he has to drive to somewhere near Dalby), and therefore doesn't need his own car during this time. This is wonderfully convenient for me - especially when travelling home from uni.
Anyway, this car only has one key associated with it because long long ago the other key (the master) was lost, rendering us with only the spare key. When I got home from uni today, I cleverly locked the car with the key still in the ignition, but switched off (I wasn't locked out of home because I have my house keys on a separate keyring). I only discovered this problem when I went to go out again in order to purchase more milk, and after a search of the house to find the key went to check the car. Luckily, the car is in RACQ, so I called them for help, and after being told that it would be up to an hour's wait, the RACQ guy turned up after just 20mins, and opened the door for me in just 1 minute.
I think we really need to get a spare cut, as this would be rather inconvenient if it happened when running late or something.

In other news, my fingers smell like garlic. I'm guessing that this has less to do with the key saga than the fact that I've also cooked dinner, and that involved crushing garlic.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Network amusement

I wish I had an unsecured wireless network that my neighbours were trying to steal, just so that I could do this.

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Careers Expo

There was an Engineering-specific careers expo at uni today, so I went along to check it out just out of curiosity to see what was available. Unfortunately, the expo was smaller than I'd hoped and there wasn't a huge variety of companies there to talk to. Especially not when you removed the companies that only wanted mining and/or chemical engineers (several petroleum and mining companies).
Other than that, there were a few to talk to who were interested in hiring electrical engineers, but the number of companies that I'd be willing to work for was significantly lower as most of the companies looking for electrical engineers were involved with either destroying the planet, destroying people, or both. I don't want to work for a company that thinks coal is the way forward, nor do I want to work for a company where my best work would be related to the number of people it could efficiently kill. Because of this, the expo was a little disappointing, but I know that there are lots and lots of companies around, and those present today represented just a small fraction of what's on offer.